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Shared Documents

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F-CP-formRevised_Jan-2013.xlsCommunication des données à partir de 2012 (francais) 
S-CP-formRevised_Jan-2013.xlsComunicación de datos desde el año 2012 (español) 
S_IS Format.docFormato revisado para los informes de terminación de fortalecimiento institucional y solicitudes de renovación de fortalecimiento institucional (decisión 74/51) 
F_IS Format.docFormat révisé des rapports finaux et des demandes de renouvellement des projets de renforcement des institutions (décision 74/51) 
E_IS_Format.docxTerminal report and request for extension of institutional  strengthening funding (as modified by decision 74/51) 
Manual for CP data reporting_29_January-2015.docReporting of Data on Progress in Implementation of Country Programmes to the Multilateral Fund Secretariat 
MLF-IACM-2019-1-19.docxGuide for the submission of enabling activities (Updated in February 2019) 
MLF-IACM-2019-1-15.docxGuide for the presentation of stage II of HPMPs (Updated in February 2019) 
MLF-IACM-2019-1-13.docxGuide for the presentation of tranches of HPMPs (Updated in February 2019) 
MLF-IACM-2018-2-19 HFC investment.docxGuide for the submission of stand-alone HFC investment projects (Updated in August 2018) 
MLF-IACM-2018-2-17 presentation of HPPMP tranches.docxGuide for the presentation of tranches of HPPMPs (Updated in August 2018) 
MLF-IACM-2018-2-18-Guide IS.docxGuide for the submission of institutional strengthening projects (Updated in August 2018) 
E-CP-formRevised_Jan-2013.xlsData reporting for the year 2012 and beyond (English) 
MLF-IACM-2018-2-13  preparation stage I HPMPs.docxGuide for the preparation of stage I of HPMPs (Updated in August 2018) 
MLF-IACM-2019-1-14.docxGuide for the project preparation for stage II of HPMPs (Updated in February 2019)