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51st Meeting - 19-23 March 2007, Montreal

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Executive Committee Primer (2007)
This primer is intended to provide new members of the Executive Committee with a guide to the workings of the Multilateral Fund and its Executive Committee.  The primer has been updated to reflect decisons taken in 2006.
Executive Committe Diretory (2007)
The directory includes contact details of Committee members, the Fund Secretariat, Implementing agencies, bilateral agencies, and the Treasurer.
Case studies - Evaluation of CTC phase-out projects and agreements
The CTC sector evaluation is part of the 2006 Monitoring and Evaluation Work Programme. The desk study issued in March 2006 (document UNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/48/15 ) established an assessment of progress achieved based on project documents and on the progress and completion reports received. Case studies were subsequently prepared after field visits to PR China, DPR Korea, India, and Pakistan. They are also available at request as hard copies. Comments on the draft case studies and the synthesis report (document UNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/51/12) received from the Ozone Secretariat, the Implementing Agencies and the Ozone Units of the countries concerned were taken into account for the final versions.