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 Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of Multilateral Fund financed projects and activities are an essential part of the Secretariat’s work. The process of M&E not only ensures that the funds disbursed are actually being used to meet the project objectives but it is also a tool to assess the overall effectiveness of the Fund in phasing out ozone-depleting substances.

Monitoring of projects involves periodic reporting to gauge its progress or lack of progress. Evaluation regards completed and on-going projects and provides information on the strengths and limitations of various types of projects and phase-out plans, the major causes of failures to reach targets, lessons learnt during implementation and recommendations for actions to improve performance of the Fund.
The Executive Committee started to address evaluation in 1995 at which time it approved the preparation of evaluation guidelines. Henceforth, all project proposals included milestones for the completion of the various stages of the project. Project completion reports using standardized formats for different types of projects are collected from the implementing agencies, entered into a database and summarized in a consolidated project completion report presented to the Executive Committee.

The Committee approves the annual monitoring and evaluation work programme that includes proposed evaluation studies as well as a budget for their implementation. Evaluations are prepared by independent consultants under the coordination of the Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer.


 Project completion reports - Lessons learned

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