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 Current Meeting

  83rd meeting of the Executive Committee

 Meeting websites and Final reports

82nd meetingMontreal20183 to 7 December 2018EnArFrSp
81st meetingMontreal201818 to 22 June 2018EnArFrSp
80th meetingMontreal201713 to 17 November 2017EnArChFrSp
79th meetingBangkok20173-7 July 2017EnArChFrSp
78th meetingMontreal20174-7 April 2017EnArChFrSp
77th meetingMontreal201628 November - 2 December 2016 EnArChFrSpRu
76th meetingMontreal20169-13 MayEnArChFrSpRu
75th meetingMontreal201516-20 NovemberEnArFrRu
74th meetingMontreal201518-22 May EnArFrRu
73rd meetingParis20149-13 November 2014EnArChFrSpRu
72nd meetingMontreal201412-16 May 2014 EnArChFrSpRu
71st MeetingMontreal20132-6 December 2013EnArFrSp
70th MeetingBangkok20131 - 5 July EnArFrSp
69th MeetingMontreal201315-19 April 2013EnArFrSp
68th meetingMontreal20123-7 December 2012EnArChFrSp
67th meetingBangkok201216-20 July 2012EnArChFrSp
66th meetingMontreal201216-20 April 2012EnArChFrSp
65th MeetingBali201113-17 NovemberEnArChFrSp
64th MeetingMontreal201125-29 JulyEnArChFrSp
63rd MeetingMontreal20114-8 April EnArChFrSp
62nd MeetingMontreal201029 November to 3 December EnArFrSp
61st MeetingMontreal20105 to 9 July EnArFrSp
60th MeetingMontreal201012-15 AprilEnArFrSp
59th MeetingPort Ghalib200910-14 November EnArChFrSp
58th MeetingMontreal20096-10 JulyEnArChFrSp
57th MeetingMontreal200930 March – 3 AprilEnArChFrSp
56th MeetingDoha20088 – 12 November EnArChFrSp
55th Meeting -Bangkok200814 -18 JulyEnArChFrSp
54th MeetingMontreal20087 -11 April 2008EnArChFrSp
53rd MeetingMontreal200726-30 NovemberEnArChFrSp
52nd MeetingMontreal200723-27 JulyEnArChFrSp
51st MeetingMontreal200719-23 MarchEnArChFrSp
50th MeetingNew Delhi20066-10 NovemberEnArFrSp
49th MeetingMontreal200610-14 JulyEnArFrSp
48th MeetingMontreal20063-7 April EnArFrSp
47th MeetingMontreal200521-25 NovemberEnArFrSp
46th MeetingMontreal20054-8 JulyEnArFrSp
45th MeetingMontreal20054-8 April EnArFrSp
44th MeetingPrague200429 November - 3 DecemberEnChFrSp
43rd MeetingGeneva20045-9 JulyEnChFrSp
42nd MeetingMontreal200429 March - 2 April EnChFrSp
41st MeetingMontreal200317-19 December EnArFrSp
40th MeetingMontreal200316 -18 JulyEnArFrSp
39th MeetingMontreal20032-4 AprilEnArFrSp
38th MeetingRome200220-22 November EnArChFrSp
37th MeetingMontreal200217-19 July 2002EnArChFrSp
36th MeetingMontreal200220-22 March EnArChFrSp
35th MeetingMontreal20015-7 DecemberEnArFrSp
34th MeetingMontreal200118-20 JulyEnArFrSpCorr.1 in English only
33rd MeetingMontreal200128-30 MarchEnArFrSp
32nd MeetingOuagadougou20006-8 DecemberEnArChFrSp
31st MeetingGeneva20005-7 JulyEnArChFrSp
30th MeetingMontreal200029-31 MarchEnArChFrSp
29th MeetingBeijing199924-26 NovemberEnArChFr
28th MeetingMontreal199914-16 JulyEnArChFr
27th MeetingMontreal199924-26 MarchEnArChFr
26th -1st Meetings..1990-1998

 Other documents (intranet - password required)

  Document for meetings of the Sub-Group on the Production sector
  Evaluation document library
  Multilateral Fund Evaluation Library

 Links to Key Documents

  Reports of Montreal Protocol meetings (Ozone Secretariat)
  Reports of Assessment panels (TEAP, SAP, EEAP)
  Reports of the Implementation Committee
  Evaluation of the Financial Mechanism to Montreal Protocol (Sept. 2004)
  Handbook for the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer - Ninth Edition (2012)
  Handbook for the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer - Ninth Edition (2012)
  Evaluation of the financial mechanism of the Montreal Protocol: final report (2012)
  Executive Committee Primer