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 Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Criteria of the Multilateral Fund

The "Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Criteria of the Multilateral Fund" contain the policies, procedures, guidelines and criteria, as established by the Meetings of the Parties of the Montreal Protocol and elaborated by the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund in accordance with its terms of reference.
The document is updated after each Executive Committee meeting.
The current version of the document is updated as at Dec 2022 and includes decisions taken at the 91st Executive Committee Meeting and the 34th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol. The document is available as a PDF file (in its entirety and in 11 separate chapters). 
The supplement "HCFC Phase-out Management Plans and HCFC Production Phase-out Management Plans", containing relevant decisions and agreements on HCFC phase-out multi-year projects and phase-out of production of HCFCs, is available as a PDF file (updated as at Dec 2022). Another supplement "Phase-out Plans and Projects" contains relevant decisions and agreements on multi-year projects for the phase-out of other ODS and is also available as a PDF file (updated as at January 2023).


 Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Criteria of the Multilateral Fund

Policy91-Introduction.pdfIntroduction188 KB
Policy91-ChapterI.pdfChapter I: Financial mechanism1442 KB
Policy91-ChapterII.pdfChapter II: Executive Committee 521 KB
Policy91-ChapterIII.pdfChapter III: Fund Secretariat 402 KB
Policy91-ChapterIV.pdfChapter IV: Bilateral cooperation 331 KB
Policy91-ChapterV.pdfChapter V: Implementing agencies 1938 KB
Policy91-ChapterVI.pdfChapter VI: Article 5 Parties 1225 KB
Policy91-ChapterVII.pdfChapter VII: Controlled substances 778 KB
Policy91-ChapterVIII.pdfChapter VIII: Country programme 1544 KB
Policy91-ChapterIX.pdfChapter IX: Project proposals 3170 KB
Policy91-ChapterX.pdfChapter X: Institutional strengthening 624 KB
Policy91-ChapterXI.pdfChapter XI: Monitoring and evaluation 959 KB
Policy91.pdfPolicies, procedures, guidelines and criteria (as at December 2022)7936 KB

 Decisions and agreements - Multi-year projects

HPMPs-HPPMPs 91.pdfHCFC phase-out management plans and HCFC production phase-out management Plans (as at January 2023)
Phase-out Policies and Plans 91.pdfPhase-out plans and projects (January 2023)